Leveraging JOY for Maximum Results in Your Business 

Are you getting the results you desire?

If you are a mid-sized business, it’s likely that you haven’t been getting the results that you want from your business lately. Mid-sized companies haven’t exactly benefited from the last decade’s economic progress. Per the study done by Computstat and published by the Harvard Business Review, the growth rate in profit, sales and assets has declined over the past 50 years and was lowest during the last decade ending 2019. However, due to growth in household income, GDP and several other factors, that same period was labeled as a decade of economic recovery. What a frustrating place to be!

There is hope – The facts about Joy

There are plenty of studies on the increased productivity of happy employees. Most research has found that happy employees are somewhere between 13% and 20% more productive. What would your business look like in 1 year if the employees were 13% more productive? What would it look like in 5 years if they were 20% more productive?  

Joy as the fuel

The key to leveraging the effects of joy in business is simple, but not always easy. When Joy is the fuel for your success, you are starting with motivation that everyone can get behind. Joy isn’t selfish, it isn’t profit focused and isn’t discriminatory. There are 4 key steps to using joy as the fuel to maximize the results in your business:

1. Permeate a Belief of Joyful Possibilities

The first step in making any lasting change is to start with the belief that the new outcome is not only possible, but also inevitable. Jumping into a plan of attack with a group of people (preferably leaders) in your company that believe deeply in your vision and possibilities that joy can have, will ensure that you have a solid foundation to build on.

2. Develop a Standard of Joy

A clear standard of joy, of which all employees are held accountable, is imperative to obtaining sustainable transformation to a culture that includes joy. For example a statement like, “We do all things through the lens of Joy”, helps employees filter their actions, reactions and elevates their performance. 

3. Design Habits that Support the Standard of Joy

Habits that are designed from this standard are more sustainable and thus can achieve better results. Are you starting to see how these all build on each other? It is key that each process is supported by the previous processes so that you build a pyramid of transformation that is not easily toppled.

4. Track and Celebrate the Results

The old adages apply here; “What you track gets done” and “What you celebrate increases”. Implementing fun and easy ways to track and celebrate your employees’ results will cement all the previous work and ensure that you develop a continuous cycle of joy.

How are you currently fueling results in your company? If you are an inspired leader in your company I would love to assist in your process. Join Robin Advisors and Joyely for a collaborative event to continue the conversation about leveraging joy to maximize your results!

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